We would like to thank all the people and organisations, including Ambulance Victoria, for access and provision of data and information used in the maps.

AODstats re-development team

The following working group are acknowledged as having been integral in the re-design, re-development and migration of AODstats during 2020.

  • Mr Sam Campbell
  • Ms Madeleine Clere-Enoka
  • Ms Agatha Faulkner
  • Ms Evelyn Frude
  • Ms Jessica Killian
  • Ms Amaya Munoz Labiano
  • Dr Rowan Ogeil
  • Mr Andrew Pham
  • Dr Adam Scott
  • Dr Debbie Scott
  • Prof Dan Lubman

Project staff

We would like to acknowledge the current and former staff from NAMHSU @ Turning Point team who have assisted with extraction, coding, and analysis of alcohol and drug involvement in indicator data. The team is led by our strategic lead Dr Debbie Scott and is supported by our director Professor Dan Lubman.

Project sponsor

Victorian Department of Health


The mapping software is Tableau (for more information see

Suggested citation

Turning Point,  (insert year). AODstats: Victorian alcohol and drug statistics, Date accessed: (insert date)

AODstats team members