Welcome to AODstats, the Victorian alcohol and drug interactive statistics and mapping webpage. AODstats provides information on the harms related to alcohol, illicit and pharmaceutical drug use in Victoria. The data were obtained from numerous sources, ranging from government departments to drug and alcohol treatment agencies. This information provides a convenient statistical and epidemiological resource for policy planners, drug service providers, health professionals and other key stakeholders. The data and maps builds on and updates information previously provided in text format; delivers the most recent data available; and provides a monitoring tool for alcohol and drug trends.


The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services has been funding Turning Point to deliver annual editions of the Victorian Alcohol Statistics Series and Victorian Drug Statistics Handbooks since 1999. The aim of these two comprehensive publications was to describe major patterns of alcohol and drug use, as well as associated harms in Victoria. In 2014, these volumes were redeveloped into an online interactive map in order to improve timeliness and usefulness of the data.

How to use AODstats

A user guide on how to use the interactive maps has been developed and can be found here: AODstats Userguide [PDF file]

Permitted uses of AODstats

You may use data from AODstats provided that you do so for a purpose that is reasonably related to the purpose for which AODstats has been provided to you, and that you acknowledge that the source of the information is AODstats, which is owned by Turning Point.

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Last updated: 31 July 2016

Data sources and types

AODstats brings together results from alcohol and drug-related primary and secondary data sources available in Victoria. Data includes ambulance attendances, emergency department presentations, hospital admissions, deaths, ADIS service treatment episodes, telephone and online counselling services, serious road injuries and assaults and domestic violence incidents.

More information on the data sources and methods used can be found here: AODstats methods [PDF file]

Indicator Rollout

Data will typically be presented across a ten year period (where available), retrospectively analysed and updated on a quarterly basis. This means that each quarter, new indicator data will be added as it becomes available and existing data will be amended where required. Please see the table below for a timetable of data releases. Quarterly releases will be available to the public approximately two months after the end of the quarter (e.g. 30 September quarter will be released around 30 November).

Quarter 1 –
30 September

Blood-borne viruses

Quarter 2 –
31 December

Morbidity and mortality

Quarter 3 –
31 March

AOD treatment and harm reduction

Quarter 4 –
30 June

Injury and violence

HCV incidence and exposures

Hospitalisations (VAED)

AOD treatment service (ADIS)

Serious road injury (VicRoads)

HBV incidence and exposures

Emergency department presentations (VEMD)

Telephone AOD counselling and helpline (Directline)

Assaults (VicPol – LEAP)

HIV incidence and exposures

Ambulance attendances (The Ambo Project)

Online AOD counselling and helpline (CounsellingOnline)

Family violence incidents (VicPol – LEAP)

Needle and syringe program (NSP)




Opioid replacement therapy (ORT)





Periodic releases (as available)

Alcohol and drug consumption – National Drug Strategy Household Survey (NDSHS)


We would like to thank the all the people and organisations for their help with the access and provision of data and information used in the maps.


  • Dr Belinda Lloyd
  • Ms Jessica Killian
  • Mr Mark Hoffmann
  • Ms Sharon Matthews
  • Dr Cherie Heilbronn

Project Staff

Staff members from Turning Point’s Population Health Research Team who have coded ambulance data for alcohol and drug involvement and also been involved with any analysis and data extraction for other indicators.

Project Sponsor

Victorian Department of Health and Human Services


The mapping software used is StatPlanet Plus v3.3 (for more information see

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