Alcohol Hours

Alcohol involvement is not directly measured for some datasets, therefore an alternative surrogate measure of applying alcohol hours is used. There are two different sets of hours used, one for serious road injuries, and the other for assaults. More detailed information can be found in the methods document (the document opens in a new tab).

Serious Road Injury:

Metro areasHigh alcohol hours (HAH)Sunday 6pm – Monday 6am
Monday 8pm – Tuesday 6am
Tuesday 6pm – Wednesday 4am
Wednesday 6pm – Thursday 6am
Thursday 6pm – Friday 6am
Friday or Saturday 4pm – 8am
Regional areasHigh alcohol hours (HAH)Sunday 6pm – Monday 6am
Monday 8pm – Tuesday 4am
Tuesday 6pm – Wednesday 4am
Wednesday 6pm – Thursday 4am
Thursday 6pm – Friday 6am
Friday 6pm – Saturday 8am
Saturday 4pm – Sunday 10am


All areasHigh alcohol hours (HAH)Fridays or Saturdays 8pm-6am
Medium alcohol hours (MAH)Sunday to Thursday 8pm-6am
Low alcohol hours (LAH)All days 6am – 8pm

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